FTC 7673 Team Info &

Our Robotics and Scratch Camp Info

FRIday - It's ShowTime!

Tech Terms bingo and Race to Place the components on the motherboard

"Radio City Musical Hall" Robotettes - Robots do the Chicken Dance

CS Unplugged Pixels!!

Complete any unfinished projects


Get set up for Showcase for parents, cookies


5-minute bot with four sensors and student designed manipulator/arm. Robot parade start when touch pressed, follow a dark line forever while arm is spinning finger flashlights and robot is playing a student composed "tune" (well, set of notes)

Scratch Polygon Project

CS Unplugged Keep  Networks Moving - The Orange Game


Angry Kitty Scratch game (Think Angry Birds with Fur)

Build and program SpinArt Bot. Then paint and spin.

CS Unplugged Sorting Networks" Beat the Clock!"


Tech Scavenger Hunt
Drawing with CattBot and CattBot Crazy Moves to Music
Scratch Amplitude Art and

Scratch Self Picture Animation

Magic Card Flip - What's Parity?


Build CattBot,

Binary Spinner Art 

Binary Dots  

Binary Initial Bracelets

  • CS Unplugged -
    - Binary - Count the Dots
    - Sorting Networks - Beat the Clock
    - Parity - Magic Card Trick
    - Networks - The Orange Game

  • NXT Robotics
    CattBot, SpinArtBot, 5-MinuteBot -  Programming Basics, Loops, switches, parallel programming to make the robots draw, dance, parade, and more

  • ScratcH - Spinner art, Amplitude Art, Angry Kitty Game (sine and cos), "Scratch Starring Me" animation using Green Screen photos

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