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Our Robotics and Scratch Camp Info

Welcome to the Music and Dancing with Picoboards, LEGO WeDo, and Webcam Camp Info pagese


Want to create a story, interactive art, or 2D game (Pong, maze, Frogger)?

Want to make a musical pickle or banana that can also control a Scratch character's actions?

Find out how fast you react to sound or movement?

Make your own Kinect-like game? Program a tilt sensor to be a game controller?

During this week, you'll use free software from MIT called Scratch  (http://scratch.mit.edu ) to create animations and games. You'll connect a picoboard http://wiki.scratch.mit.edu/wiki/PicoBoard to the computer to work with Scratch to play your "orchestra: of musical pickles, bananas, and bottle cap drum sets. You'll use LEGO WeDo sensors and motors with Scratch to make LEGO builds move and interact with Scratch characters (sprites), you'll also learn to create animations and games that use the Kinect-like capabilities of Scratch 2.0 combined with a webcam. That's right - you'll be able to move your Scratch characters with a wave of a magic pencil wand or even by just moving your head.

While you're doing all this, you'll learn about

  • Loops
  • conditional
  • variables
  • random numbers
  • broadcast messages
  • events
  • triggers

and how they make programming fun!